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Buckle-Free Elastic Belt Set Of 5

Buckle-Free Elastic Belt Set Of 5

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Hide all buns and make everyone wonder!

Are your pants falling down?

Have you lost weight and your favourite trousers are too baggy or you bought a larger size than you usually wear? Whatever the reason, it is certain that your pants are falling down and making your movements and, in general, your daily life more difficult.

But don't worry! The 5 invisible elastic waistbands are here to solve your problem! No buckle, in 5 beautifully different colors for all occasions, they make it easy even for those of you who hate wearing belts! Just snap it on the first right and first left pocket of the pants and it won't go out of place!


  • Effective: Say goodbye to baggy pants that fall down! These belts keep them at the desired height, ensuring you freedom of movement throughout the day. What's more, they even save you time from your visits to the toilet, since you don't have to unbutton and re-button them.
  • Handy: Just snap the elastic belt into the first right and first left pocket of the pants and you're good to go! The one (1) meter long and three (3) centimeters high strap makes it suitable for men, women and children of all ages, regardless of their weight. Thanks to their elasticity, they can even be used by pregnant women!

  • Comfortable: Having no annoying buckles, they don't press on your belly or stomach. So forget about wearing a belt! Without causing feelings of discomfort and/or emphasizing your waist buns, they came to become a faithful ally in your daily life!
  • Discretionary: Their delicate and discreet design makes them invisible to most people's eyes. However, they keep the pants in place more effectively than common commercial belts.
  • Excellent quality: They are made of high quality rubber, friendly to humans and the environment and non-toxic. They are tested and approved, soft and comfortable, without causing allergies, irritations and/or redness.


  •  Color: Black, Blue, Green-Red, Blue-White-Red, Black-White
  •  Dimensions: 100 x 3 cm


1 x  Buckle-Free Elastic Belt Set Of 5