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Wheel Scratch Repair Paint

Wheel Scratch Repair Paint

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Time for new wheels?

Think about it and stop spending your money imprudently! We know that maybe the wheels of your car have abraded but, now there is a way to make them look brand new, without a lot of money!

Shop now the amazing wheel scratch repair paint and renew your car's rims by yourself, simply and fast! It fixes all wheel scratches in just 30 seconds! The only thing you have to do is to clean the surface before use.


  • Effective:This pen makes your wheels to look brand new without a lot of money! It sticks firmly to the metal surface, repairs it and forms a protective layer, in order to move away sand, dirty water and a lot of other filths.
  • Practical:It will save you lots of time, effort and money and in parallel, it will renew your car's wheels!

  • Handheld: It is so easy, you can do it by yourself! Just clean the surface- remove wax and iron rust too- and shake the bottle (40 times) before use. After that, you paint the scratched area until the scratch is covered.

  • Fast drying: It takes only 10 minutes- normal temperature- to dry. When you finish the first layer, it will dry very fast. Then, you can paint the surface again and again, until the scratch will be fully covered.

  • Hiqh quality:Its formula is a non-toxic mix of aluminum alloy and steel, which provides permanent results. It is durable, waterproof and anti-rust. Although please, use it on a sunny day for better results and don't try to use it in order to fix a deep scratch. 


  • Quantity: 12ml


  • 1 x Wheel Scratch Repair Paint