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Deshedding Grooming Tool for Cats & Dogs

Deshedding Grooming Tool for Cats & Dogs

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Are you also struggling with your pet's hair loss?

If you are tired of encountering scattered hair in your home and on your clothes, the pet grooming tool is the ultimate solution to your problem! It reduces up to ninety-five percent (95%) of your pet's hair loss.

Thanks to its innovative design, it removes effectively and above all, safely, the knots and the weakest hairs from the animal's fur. And the best? It works perfectly on all pets, regardless of breed, size and type of hair.


  • Effective: Now you can say goodbye to unsightly hair on your clothes, furniture and floor! Reduces up to ninety-five percent (95%) of your pet's hair loss easily and quickly. Its built-in button releases the removable hair from the device in an instant!
  • Multifunctional: Combs, untangles knots and removes the weakest and dead hair of the animal.At the same time, it offers your pet an enjoyable massage that keeps it shiny, beautiful and healthy. It prevents skin diseases, strengthens the hair follicles, improves blood circulation and speeds up the metabolic process.

  • Excellent quality: The stainless steel head has access to the last layer of your pet's fur, so you can remove dead fur easily and safely. In addition, the handle is non-slip and comfortable, for maximum precision and efficiency in your movements. It is durable and non-toxic.

  • Safe: The most important thing is that you remove the dead fur without damaging the pet's fur or injuring its skin.


  • Material: elastomer + ABS + stainless steel blade
  • Color: orange
  • size: 14.5 x 7.5 cm


1 x Deshedding Grooming Tool for Cats & Dogs