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Pine-cut Wooden Cookie Mold

Pine-cut Wooden Cookie Mold


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🍪 Bake the most beautiful cookies!🍪

Inspired by nature’s beauty? Bring it to your cookies using our Pine-cut Wooden Cookie Mold! It effortlessly shapes the dough into beautiful patterns just by pressing down the mold.


Each featuring various nature-inspired patternsis intricately designed with expertly carved details that’ll surely impress guests. It demolds with ease so that designs remain perfectly intact. Widely usable, it uses premium wood that’s food-safe and highly durable.


  • Stamp-On Mold - Effortlessly shapes the dough into beautiful patterns just by pressing down the mold.
  • Intricate Designs - Features intricate designs with expertly carved details, giving cookies an exquisite look.
Pine-cut Wooden Cookie Mold
  • Perfect Release - Demolds with ease for perfectly intact designs. Coat with oil for the best results.
  • Natured-Themed - Available in nature-inspired designs such as roses and pinecones.
Pine-cut Wooden Cookie Mold
  • Widely Usable - Mold beautiful patterns on fondant, chocolate, clay, soap, and more.
  • Premium Material - Uses premium quality wood that’s food-safe, highly durable, and easy to clean.
Pine-cut Wooden Cookie Mold


    • Material: Wood
    • Style:Flower, Rose, Windmill, Pinecone
    • Size: 10 cm x 10 cm x 2.5 cm


    1 x Pine-cut Wooden Cookie Mold